Comprehensive Eye Exam

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At See Life Family Vision, our doctors take great pride in utilizing state-of-the-art technology to give the most advanced eye exam, in a comfortable and professional environment. We offer a wide range of services, with an expert team of professionals to provide them. Our doctors take even the most routine eye exams very seriously. They are very passionate about their work and strive to educate each patient, and the community just how important our eyes are, and how essential it is to take care of them properly.

What happens during your eye exam?

Our technicians will perform various non-invasive tests to understand the current state of your vision, and determine if any special treatments may be necessary.

We will ask you various questions about your medical history if you are a new patient, or if any medical changes have happened since your last eye exam. These questions will determine what we need to look for, and continue to monitor in regards to your vision and overall eye health. Did you know many medical conditions can give you a higher risk of vision related problems? It's true! Did you know that your eye doctor can detect and diagnose over 270 health conditions during a routine eye exam? True story! 

Once these initial tests are complete your technician will accompany you to an exam room where the optometrist will test your visual acuity and go over all testing and medical history gathered. They will not only explain in detail the state of your vision and eye health, but show you the results of your testing. Our doctor's goal is for you to leave with a full understanding of your eyes and how we can help to continue to monitor and correct your vision.

What happens after your eye exam?

Once the technicians and optometrists have completed all necessary testing and explanation, you will be led to our optical department. Our skilled opticians will go over the results with you once more, and answer any further questions you may have. They will transform into your personal shopper if eyewear is recommended by the doctor, and help you find the best eyewear for your lifestyle, comfort, and budget. They will also offer any further products or preventative measures recommended by the doctor.




What is Optomap?

Optomap is a disease management tool that gives our optometrists access to a high-resolution, 200-degree image of your eye. This advanced technology gives us a better understanding of your eye than traditional dilation. Did you know that eye problems develop so slowly and discreetly that even you do not notice? Noticeable changes in your vision happen long after the problem began! This makes this imaging so useful and important for you and our doctors. If you choose Optomap yearly for your eye exam, it also allows us to compare your imaging from previous years to detect small changes that can happen over time.

Is Optomap covered by my insurance?  **only available at our main practice**

Not typically, but it is affordable! We spend $37.00 on a dinner out, on our appearance, and other health related products and services. This is just as important! $37.00 once a year can save you from undiagnosed eye-related diseases, and a life-time of damage to your eyes. Now, not all eye diseases are avoidable or reversible. But we can start preventative measures to decrease the damage these diseases cause. Optomap can detect: macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, retinal detachment, and more.

Where is the proof?

When we first began training our team on this technology we discovered that one of our very own team members had a retinal detachment! The team member had no symptoms of vision problems, and therefore had no idea this had happened. Because of our ability to provide advanced imaging technology, we were able to get our team member the treatment they needed.