Contact Lens Exams

If you are thinking of getting contact lenses, or are switching eye care providers, come visit us See Life Family Vision Source. We offer competitive and affordable prices compared to the big box stores, and online retailers.

During your contact lens exam, our technicians will conduct various tests to determine the state of your vision currently. Our optometrists will then determine the prescription strength, and lens necessary to improve your vision. You will receive a pair of lenses to try on in the comfort of our office. You will also receive information to properly use and take care of your lenses. You can order any additional lenses through our convenient online portal. Take a look at our contact lens products page for more information on the lenses we carry. 

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But What If I Have Trouble Getting My Contacts To Fit?

Have you been diagnosed with the following eye conditions:

  • Astigmatism

  • Dry eye disease

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis

  • Keratoconus

  • Presbyopia

Conditions like these can make it difficult to fit contacts comfortably. But it does not mean it is impossible! There are variations of lens types and eye drops to make it easier for patients with these conditions to wear contacts successfully. It is important to see an eye care professional to properly diagnose these conditions and determine the appropriate prescription and lens for you.

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