Eye Drops

See Life Family Vision Source offers a variety of over the counter eye drops and prescription eyedrops to our patients. These eyedrops are used for many  types of treatments and eye conditions including dry eye, infection, and drooping upper eyelids.

Prescription Eye Drops:

  • Xiidra 

  • Restasis  

  • Cequa 

  • Upneeq 

Over The Counter Treatment For Dry Eye: 

  • Systane Complete 

  • Refresh 

  • Refresh Optive Advance 

  • Refresh Optive Mega 3

  • Refresh Tears  

  • Refresh - for contacts 

  • Refresh Relieva 

  • Refresh Digital 

  • Refresh Gel Tears 

  • Blink Tears 

  • Blink Gel Tears 

  • Lumify 

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