The leader in nutritional supplements to protect the health of your eyes

EZ Tears - a vitamin formulated to produce more tears and lubricate the eye of those that suffer from dry eye


AREDS 2 Plus w/out Zinc - a comprehensive vitamin for those experiencing age related eye health issues


Visual Edge Chewable - formulated for athletes, designed to enhance vision performance. Designed specifically for those that cannot swallow pills


Restore - a comprehensive vitamin for those at risk of age-related eye health issues


Zeaxanthin - a vitamin to support and enhance vision naturally


Zeaxanthin + Lutein - a vitamin that helps in building a defensive barrier to protect the back of the eye


DVS - overall eye health vitamin that does not disrupt normal glucose levels


Screen Shield (Teen) - a natural eye protectant against the effects of screen time in teens and children, decreasing eye strain and eye fatigue


Screen Shield (Pro) - lessens the impact of blue light from screens, improves night driving, overall eye protectant

Our eye doctors strongly believe in EyePromise and their mission. These vitamins are specially designed to help build protections to our vision and overall eye health. We have patients that have replaced their daily multi-vitamin with EyePromise products because they see a better result in not just their vision, but in their overall health. We naturally lack the necessary amount of nutrients we can only find in green leafy vegetables. But we would have to consume an impossible amount of these vegetables everyday in order to get the proper amount of nutrients. EyePromise removes this impossible task out of the equation by providing an affordable, plant-based, USA-made supplement. We also offer an auto-refill option that ships them conveniently to your home! 

These supplements should be taken by everyone. But they are especially great for those with diabetes, macular degeneration, athletes, and those that are at a higher risk of certain eye conditions due to their family history. EyePromise has also released a ScreenShield line for children, teens, and adults. This offers protections to your vision and the damaging effect of blue light from your digital screens. 

If you are interested in any of these products give our office a call. Or use our personal link to order yours today! If you are in need of an eye exam we are glad to see you and discuss the benefits of EyePromise, at that time as well.