Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?  We are always ready to help answer any questions you have about your insurance. But a good rule of thumb is to log into your insurance providers website using the information provided on your insurance card. You will have a better understanding of your benefits. It is important to note that any medical treatment for eye conditions is billed under your medical insurance.
What is the difference between Optomap and dilation? Optomap is a larger picture of your eye. This allows us to see more of your eye than traditional dilation. Optomap also gives us a digital copy to reference from year to year, allowing us to note changes in your vision.

Do you treat eye emergencies? Yes we do! Our doctors are available to treat eye emergencies like eye pain, foreign bodies, and sudden vision loss. Emergency room visits are expensive, we are here to help you with your eye emergency without the hefty bill.
I have never had contacts before, but am considering them. Can you help me? Yes we can! Not everyone is a good candidate for contact lenses. But we would love to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have regarding contact lenses and how they may benefit your lifestyle.
I have seasonal allergies. Can you help relieve the affect my allergies have on my eyes? We sure can! Over the counter drops and at home remedies can actually make allergy symptoms much worse. Our optometrists can assess your situation and see what the best treatment is for your needs.
What is a medical optometrist? A medical optometrist is a healthcare professional who examines, manages, and treats eye diseases. We are different from retail optometrists because we offer medical services in addition to prescriptions for glasses and contacts. 
Can I order contact lenses and glasses? Yes you can! Do you typically wear glasses, but want the option of contact lenses? Or maybe you prefer contact lenses but would like glasses for other occasions? Whatever your reason we are able to help!  
Do you sell colored contacts? Yes we do! We offer a variety of colors, prescriptions, and quantities. Wether you prefer to wear them all the time or just for special occasions. Remember to always purchase contact lens from a licensed optometrist. According to the FDA and FTC it is illegal to sell and purchase contact lenses, cosmetic or otherwise, without a valid prescription.
I do not have vision plan benefits. Are you affordable for out of pocket patients? Great question! We believe that affordable eye care should be available to everyone. We offer packages for patients to fit most budgets. Our opticians are skilled in finding what works best for your vision and your budget.
How do I know if my child needs vision therapy? They would need a comprehensive exam first. In this exam the doctor will discuss the benefits of vision therapy if they believe it will be a relevant treatment plan for your child's needs. Remember, children should begin getting annual comprehensive exams starting at 6 months.
Do you fit specialty lenses/medically necessary lenses? We fit specialty lenses for a variety of eye conditions including keratoconus, dry eye, and nearsightedness.
What eye drops can I use to treat my dry eye? It is best to have a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate what drop would be best for your needs. Many over the counter drops can worsen your dry eye symptoms. Before you grab the Visine or Clear Eyes, give us a call!
Are you considered a dry eye clinic? Yes we are! We will find the best products and treatment plan that meets your needs.
I think I have dry eye. How do I find out for sure? Fill out our dry eye questionnaire. If you score a 6 or above you are experiencing dry eye symptoms. Call our office to request a dry eye work up so we can evaluate your specific situation further.