Optical Department Services

Our expert and professional opticians offer a variety of services to our patients including: 

  • Product Explanation and Purchases - cleaning sprays, vitamins, eyelid and lash cleaners

  • Personal Shopper Experience - providing you a unique and comfortable experience in finding the fit and style that accommodates your needs and budget

  • Adjustments and Repairs - providing adjustments and repairs as needed to your eyewear 

In The City

Custom Adjustment Reservation Policy

Did you choose a curb-side pick-up for your new eyewear?


Has it been a few days and you feel you are in need of a custom adjustment?

Are your glasses, pinching, poking, or sliding down?


Or maybe you just miss our awesome opticians? 

No matter the reason, we are here to help! 

A reservation must be made for any custom adjustment. A reservation allows us to provide individualized attention to each of our patients and keeps wait times to a minimum. We want each of our patients to feel special! 

Please give our office a call and request a custom adjustment reservation. 

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