Other Products

See Life Family Vision has all the products you need to continue your eye care at home, as well as all the essentials to take the best care of your eyewear. We have cleansers, cleaning cloths, sprays, bruder masks, and more. 

Cleansers: these cleansers are great for removing makeup and safely washing your eyelids and lashes if you get lash treatments. 
  • Occusoft eyelid cleansers
    • Platinum​
    • Plus
    • Original
    • HypoChlor
Sprays: we also carry cleaning cloths
  • Eyewear cleaning spray 
  • Anti-fog spray 
Additional Supplements: these supplements are from Nordic Naturals​
  • ProOmega - Omega-3 supplement 
  • ProDHA Eye 
nordic naturals.jpg

Interested in any of these products? Or are you due for your annual comprehensive eye exam? Give us a call or request an appointment below.

  • Latisse - eyelash growth serum 
  • Bruder Mask - microwaveable warm compress for dry eye patients
  • Lacripure - used in the insertion of scleral lenses
  • Nerdwax - anti-slip wax for eyewear 
  • Croakies - eyeglass and sunglass retainers