Our optometrists are all members of the American Optometric Association and the Colorado Optometric Association. Dr. Bowen currently serves on the board for the AOA. And Dr. Mearsha currently serves on the board for the COA. See Life is also members of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce and the Evans Chamber of Commerce. Click the following buttons for more information about each organization.


A Message To Our Patients...

"Your eyes are truly amazing! They are your body's most highly developed sensory organs. In fact, a far larger part of your brain is dedicated to vision, than to hearing, taste, touch, or smell combined. Like other organs of your body, the eyes are subject to stress and injury, and can lose their full potential if not properly taken care of.

Improving your eyesight is important - about 11 million Americans over age 12 need vision correction - now more than ever in our new virtual environment with increased screen time. But it's just one of the reasons to get your eyes examined. Regular eye exams are also an important part of finding eye diseases early and preserving your vision. Many vision and eye problems have no symptoms or outward signs, so it is easy to be unaware that problems exist.

Practice preventative care through regular eye and vision examinations is important for early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems, for maintaining good vision and eye health, and, when possible, for preventing vision loss.

During the pandemic, the doctors and staff at See Life Family Vision Source are implementing protocols to provide the care patients are seeking in a safe and healthy environment. You can be assured we are following guidelines from the CDC, as well as federal, state, and local health directives regarding infection prevention measures and implementing appropriate safety procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our office.

Of the estimated 93 million US adults at high risk for vision loss, only half visited an eye doctor in the last 12 months. Regular eye care, even during a pandemic, can have life-changing impact; the doctors at See Life Family Vision Source are making your access to our world-class eyecare our highest priority."

- Dr. Bowen, Dr. Mearsha, Dr. Ma