Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy, and who needs it?

Vision therapy is a form of physical therapy used on the eyes and brain. It is designed to resolve vision problems that can contribute to learning disabilities. This treatment is also used as treatment for lazy eye, crossed eye, or double vision.

Our eyes are the windows of our brain. It directly influences sight based on how it interprets images received. A healthy connection between the eyes and the brain is essential for good eyesight.

These therapies are done under the supervision of your eyecare professional, usually 1 time a week in 30 minute sessions. Therapies are intended to continue until visual processing problems show significant improvement. We do however have an computerized vision therapy software. This software allows the patient to perform these therapies in the comfort of their own home. But also allows our optometrists to monitor their progress. 

Vision therapy is an option for those that have vision problems that do not require surgery for correction. It is useful for adults and children alike. Children with learning or reading problems can benefit from these therapies. Adults that work at a computer all day and experience eye-strain can benefit from vision therapy as well.


Meet Taylor!

 Our vision therapist is kind, patient, and dedicated to helping improve your child's vision. We have an array of tools and interactive games to engage your child's brain and eyes while having fun! ​

Here Is Our Most Recent Vision Therapy  Graduate! 

He has worked very hard and completed his vision therapy. ​

Want to try out some fun games at home? Click the link for access Vision Therapy Games